Babolat RH Team Padel Bag


Insulated compartment for 4 racquets, new strong and durable insulation material into racquets compartments to protect your racquets against temperature variations.

Measurements: 37cm wide, 63cm long, 30cm high.

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Babolat RH TEAM PADEL Racquet Holder is engineered for performance players looking for the best padel bag to carry and protect their whole equipment.Stay focus on the match while your gears are well organized and protected. Stay organized and make your day better with insulated racquet compartment and sides accessories pockets. You will find what you need into the blink of an eye.And because we wanted to make things even better, This bag integrate our new “color free” lining, which is made of 100% recycled PET and dye free, so we do not waste water on uselessly dying our lining anymore. The inside of your bag is completely white, which make it even easier to organize and identify what you are looking for. Incredibly stylish this new RH TEAM PADEL come with a new STRIKER design that will match the kind of striker you are

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